The top two debt recovery actions we will always take when recovering money owed to you

18 June 2014

When working with clients to recover money owed to them, there are two things we will always do to make the debt recovery process easier and more manageable.

1. Installing systems

Firstly, we will install systems to make sure you manage your ledgers professionally. These systems will also ensure each of your customers are credit checked in detail before you supply goods or services.

A few £'s spent checking out each new customer will determine the credit terms you would apply and save you time and money chasing 'bad' debts at a later stage.

2. Rating your customers

A good exercise is to check how much of your current sales ledger is recoverable and to rate each customer with a % possibility of collection. This is what we do, working with you to carry outs checks and rate your customers

Certainly, if you ever intend raising finances, your lender will carry out his or her own checks and rate each customer.

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