Insolvency Test

1. Can you or your business pay their debts as they fall due?

2. Do you or your business owe more than you/it own? (You must include all liabilities including ‘prospective’ ones and all assets must be at current values).

3. Do you or your business have any 'unsatisfied' legal claims, like CCJs?

You or your business may already be insolvent!

The law requires you to act in the best interests of your creditors and failure to do that could lead to greater problems for you personally.

If you or your business is at risk, act now and get professional advice, which is free from 4SquaredSouthwest.

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4. How many of the following statements also apply to you and your business?
Click Yes to those that apply.

The more questions you can tick or recognise, the more you need to seek advice.

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