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Keeping it Informal

Informal arrangements are simply that: arrangements made informally between debtor and creditor, not involving the use of formal (legally binding) processes, such as court judgements, IVAs, bankruptcies etc.

There are informal arrangements that you can put in place when dealing with debt and insolvency problems. Here at 4Squared we can advise you on your options and talk you through the arrangements available to you.

If you are facing financial difficulty and you are a Limited Company, a Partnership, a Sole Trader or an individual, you can contact us for a Free and Confidential meeting, without any obligation.

We can meet with you, either at your offices or ours, we listen and offer solutions that will work and that are best for your personal situation.

Insolvency procedures can be difficult to understand and "Formal" processes are not always necessary. What is needed, at an early stage, is advice, as to your best options, especially ones that can help save your business!

How we can help you deal with your problem informally:

  • Business & Debt Advice
  • Recovery Plans
  • HMRC - Tax, PAYE and VAT arrears
  • Cash Flow problems
  • Debt Recovery - collections & systems
  • Aggressive Creditors

  • Dealing with Trade, Financial & Revenue problems
  • Dealing with applications for CCJ's, Statutory Demands and Winding Up Petitions (and bailiffs) before they become formal
  • Solvency Reviews

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