HM Revenue & Customs

We are able to act as your authorised agent and deal directly with HMRC on your behalf. So if you are in arrears, or have problems with either your company or individual TAX, VAT or PAYE, contact us now.

For more information about what you can expect from HMRC and what they expect from you, search for "Gov UK Your Charter" and download HMRC’s 4-page report.

As always with debt, the sooner you start the quicker and easier the solution is.

HMRC Policies are:

- Making the labour market more flexible, efficient and fair
- Reducing tax evasion and avoidance
- Making it easier for customers to deal with their taxes

However, in our experience as agents, if you ignore their letters and fail to co-operate in their investigations, there will come a time when they will simply close you down.

Act now and get professional advice and help from 4Squared.

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