Finding an HMRC authorised agent and debt advice agency

3 September 2014

We are able to act as your authorised agent and deal directly with HMRC on your behalf. So if you are in arrears, or have problems with either your company, or individual, TAX, VAT or PAYE, contact us now.

HMRC has 70,000 staff, who collectively help bring in £747 billion in tax revenues so as our economy improves you can expect their attitude to harden. Controversial plans are currently being discussed to give the Revenue powers to directly seize money, owed in tax, directly from personal accounts. (See the ‘Taxman’s latest powers will test public patience’).

Many people running a business, as a sole trader, in a Partnership or as a Limited Company, consider the Revenue in a different way to their other creditors and use money that should be set aside to settle their liabilities with HMRC, to fund their other creditors, like suppliers, vehicles, premises etc. This money belongs to the Revenue and building up debt to them is not a good solution. HMRC will, in time, target you and insist on payment, plus very expensive surcharge penalties.

HMRC run a system where they will eventually not accept payment plans but will simply close you down, either by liquidating your Limited Company or by making you personally bankrupt.

For more information about what you can expect from HMRC and what they expect from you, click here for the four-page report ‘Gov UK Your Charter’. The Charter explains the role of HMRC and your rights and obligations.

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