Company dissolution

A company can apply to the registrar of Companies House to be struck off the register and dissolved. Simply complete form DSO1 and send it with the relevant fee (currently £10.00 in 2011) to Companies House at the address where your company was registered.

The dissolution process was set up, to easily close down a dormant/non-trading company, or where the directors wish to retire and close down their business. The registrar can also strike off a company that fails to comply with their statutory responsibilities. Sections 1004 and 1005 of the Companies Act 2006 set out the circumstances in which the company may not apply to be struck off.

An interested party (a creditor for example) can apply to have a dissolved company “restored” for up to six years and an application to strike off an ineligible company can attract a fine of £5000.00 at magistrates court, or an unlimited fine before a jury.

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