Limited Companies

We will work with you to conduct a review of your current situation, free of charge.

When your business is viable

If the investigation we will conduct, free of charge, shows your business is still viable your options will be one of the following:

Informal arrangements
Made between debtor and creditor, not involving the use of formal processes, like court judgements, CVA’s or liquidations for example.
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We can help you by analysing your requirements, preparing a business plan, including budget & cash-flow and introducing you to potential lenders.
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An insolvency procedure that allows a financially troubled company to reach a “binding” agreement with its creditors.
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Limited Liability Partnerships
Insolvency for LLPs.
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(Once an administrator is appointed, the company is protected from action being taken by creditors, and cannot be wound up without the court’s permission.

“Pre-pack” Liquidation
(This is where the assets of a business can legally be sold at valuation to a new company and the old business is liquidated. This procedure is often used in administrations.
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Company dissolution
A process to voluntarily strike-off or dissolve (close) a dormant or a non-trading company.
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When your business is not viable

If the investigation shows your business is not viable your option will be:

A company is a legal entity, entirely separate from its Directors and Shareholders. A company “dies” when it is dissolved and is no longer on the Register of Companies.
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