We will work with you to conduct a review of your current situation, free of charge.

If you’re able to settle your debts, given time

If our review shows you can pay your debts given time, your options will be one of the following:

Informal arrangements
These are made between debtor and creditor, not involving the use of formal processes, such as court judgments or bankruptcies for example.
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Debt management
These schemes have a place, but tend to be very expensive with a higher percentage of payments often going to a management company and not creditors.

Individual voluntary arrangement (IVA)
A formal agreement between you and your creditors in which you formally agree to make payments towards your total debt.
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When you’re not able to settle your debts:

If our review shows that you cannot realistically repay your debts even given time, your options will be:

Debt relief order (DRO) – you must owe less than £15,000
To apply, your total assets, excluding a car, cannot exceed £300.00 and your disposable income, after living expenses, must be less than £50.00 a month.
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This is one way of dealing with debts you cannot pay, so that you can make a fresh start. But, depending on your particular situation it might not be your best option.
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Either way, act now and get professional advice for free from 4Squared.

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