Aggressive creditors

We will deal directly with your creditors – be they trade/suppliers, Revenue (TAX, VAT, PAYE) or financial (banks, hire purchase, leases etc). We will also handle any associated legal threats, such as CCJs, bailiffs, Statutory Demands, Bankruptcy or Winding Up Petitions. Our work will remove (some of) the stress, dealing with debt and allow you the time to concentrate fully on running your business. It will also allow us the time to review and plan accordingly.

Whether you are operating as a Sole Trader, a Partnership or a Limited Company, it is possible you have signed a 'personal guarantee' with your Bank, HP, Loans etc and even some suppliers.

Download our free glossary of terms 

The glossary details and provides definitions of the people or situations you may encounter when dealing with debt and aggressive creditors – from bailiffs to bankruptcy, CCJ’s, statutory demands, winding-up petitions and more.

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